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Whether you work from home, have always dreamed of a sunny art studio, or need a place to work out, a garden room is a highly practical add-on to your home. At Vitas & Co. we can bring your vision to life by adapting to your requirements and dreams. We offer a wide range of solutions to suit any needs: Home Office, Art Room, Home Gym, Music & Games Room, or Workshop. An all-in-one solution with top of the range insulation, electricity and plumbing included.

Our garden rooms are built for life, and are suitable to use all year round. In most cases planning permission is not even required! Our team use the highest quality materials during the building process, and provide a client-first approach at each stage, from planning to design.

Register your interest now and be in with a chance to get a 10% discount!

If you are thinking about investing into a unique and bespoke add-on to your home, Vitas & Co. are giving away a 10% discount on a Garden Room.


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